Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

Keeping Your Stored Items Away From Humidity

Letitia Lucas

If you plan on placing items in a self-storage unit for a rather long duration of time, you are likely to be worried about their safekeeping in your absence. Personal belongings that are exposed to humid conditions can be ruined by moisture content. It is important to take a few steps in preparing your unit for long-term storage so your items do not fall victim to damage from humidity. Here are some tips you can use to accomplish this endeavor.

Take The Time To Inspect Each Item

Before you place your belongings in a storage unit, it is best to do an evaluation of the condition of each one beforehand. Wipe down each item with a soft, dry cloth to remove any potential water droplets from their surfaces. If you intend on storing items that were exposed to moisture recently, it is a good idea to place them out in the sun for several hours so they are completely dry when you place them in your unit. Clothing items should be placed in a dryer for a few minutes before placing them in a plastic storage tub. This will remove any dampness from the items, helping to keep the moisture from causing humid conditions in your unit as a result.

Consider Storing A Unit With Climate Control

If you choose a self-storage facility that offers climate-controlled units, consider renting one of these for your storage area if you have items prone to damage from humidity. This type of unit will allow you to adjust the temperature to your preferred setting, helping to keep the interior of your allotted space cool and dry as a result. These units often do not cost much more than a standard unit, and you will have the peace of mind that your belongings will not rot, rust, or disintegrate.

Lift Items Off Cement Flooring

Many self-storage facilities have their units set up on top of cement slab flooring. Since cement stays cooler than the air temperature, moisture can become present on the cement from condensation when your unit's air comes into contact with the flooring. Because of this, it is important to lift items off the floor if they could be ruined by sitting in a spot of water. Position a few wooden pallets in your unit, and place boxes, bins, and other items on top of them instead of resting them on the floor. Shelving units can also be used to aid in keeping items dry.

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