Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

Self Storage Units

Letitia Lucas

Moving into a new home, or finding that you do not have enough space means that you are going to need to find a safe place for your things. One of the best places that you can put your things is going to be in a self storage unit. There are many services that you may not know that a self storage provides. Here are a few different services that you may not know that a self storage unit actually can provide. 

Pest Control

The self storage manager knows how important that your things are to you. The storage facility is going to have a reputation and it is going to want to make sure that the reputation that they have stays a good one. It would be terrible to find your thins invaded with insects or rodents. To make sure that your things stay out of pests way, most of the self storage facilities are going to spray for pests. When the manager sprays for pests they will make sure that they are spraying for insects and rodents both. They do not want your things to be destroyed by pests.


Most of the units that you find are also going to be inspected constantly to ensure that they are weatherproof. There are going to be a few different aspects that make the unit weatherproof. One aspect of the storage units is that they are usually elevated a few inches to ensure that they do not get flooded. In the event of a rainstorm or even a real flood the storage unit is going to be elevated. Also the roof of the storage unit is going to be inspected regularly to ensure that there are zero leaks. The facility manager wants to make sure that your things stay safe from all water damage. 


Your things are also going to be protected in regards to theft. There are many different things that the storage unit facility is going to provide you with in regards to theft protection. The first line of defense is a very tall fence that has only one or two entrances. In order to get through the gate you will need to have a specific code. The fence will usually have barbed wire or razor wire to make burglars think twice about entering the facility. Many self storage facilities are under twenty-four hour video surveillance as well.  


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