Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

Three Ways To Pest Protect Your Boat During Storage

Letitia Lucas

Storing your boat for more than a couple of weeks requires quite a bit of preparation. One thing you don't want to overlook is the effect pests, including insects and rodents, can have on your boat. Before storing, make sure to do the following three things so that pests can't damage your boat.

#1: Fully wash the boat

Any exposed surface can suffer from pest damage. This can be especially problematic if you sail in salt water and store it dry, such as at your home. The salt can attract small mammals, who may then lick or chew on the boat. Always rinse the boat off thoroughly after use, both inside and out. Check that there is no food left sitting inside the boat either, and sweep up any crumbs and wipe away any spills that could attract a pest. Finish your cleaning by closing all the vents so that no animals can stow away inside the boat. For vents that can't be closed, insert a piece of wire mesh to provide a barrier against pests.

#2: Stow all soft materials

Cushions, charts, and other soft materials are at major risk. Animals may nest in these items while insects tend to devour them. Wipe down or wash those items that you can, like cushions. Everything must also be stored in a way that is animal proof. Some boats have built in animal-proof storage spaces beneath the seats – just make sure they close tightly. Another option is to place everything in a plastic storage tub with a tight fitting lid. You can then store this on or off the boat.

#3: Protect from above

Birds are a pest even if they never land on your boat. Droppings are highly acidic, which means they can damage any surface of your boat that they land upon. Washing after every use will get rid of the droppings promptly before damage can occur. You should also avoid leaving food on or near the boat, since this can cause gulls and other seabirds to circle over your boat. Finally, use a tight fitting cover while the boat is in storage or store it in a covered boat storage facility so you don't have to worry about droppings. As an added benefit, a tarp that attaches snugly with few gaps can also help to keep other pests out of your boat.

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