Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

Moving? Renting A Storage Trailer Or Container Will Make It So Much Easier

Letitia Lucas

Moving, whether down the street or across the country, is one of the most demanding tasks you'll encounter. You never realize just how much stuff you've accumulated until you have to get it all into a moving truck and then into your new home. But while moving will always be demanding, there are many ways to make it less so. One great strategy for simplifying your move is renting a storage trailer or storage container.

What are storage trailer and storage containers?

A storage trailer is a portable trailer that a moving company can drop off at your home. You fill the trailer with your items. Then, when you're ready, you call them to pick up the trailer and either transport it to your new home or to an off-site storage facility. 

Some storage trailers are actual trailers with wheels. Other companies rent what are called "storage containers." These are very similar, but the containers themselves are not on wheels. The company instead has a special trailer they come load the container on when you're done filling it. But the main process is still the same. Storage trailers come in various sizes, so you choose a size based on your needs. Storage containers generally offer 300 cubic feet of space each. If you have an apartment, two containers should be sufficient. You'll need three containers for the average 2–3 bedroom home and four containers for a 4-bedroom home. 

How do storage trailers make your move easier?

You have more time to pack.

If you rent a standard moving truck, you usually only have the truck for a day or two before you move, so you have to pack it quickly, which can be stressful and demanding. With a storage container or trailer, it's customary to pay by the month. You can arrange to have the company drop the container off two or three weeks before you move. You can then slowly pack items into it. In some cases, this may keep you from having to take time off from work to pack since you can do it a little at a time in the evenings.

The same is true when it comes time to unpack. The storage company will park the trailer or container in front of your home, and you can unload it at your own pace.

You can easily sort out what's going to storage and what's going to your new home.

The great thing about storage trailers and containers is that you can pay to have them kept at a storage facility until you need the items they contain. So if you'll be putting some of your possessions into storage following the move, this saves you the trip. You can rent several containers and use one for the items you plan to put in your new home and another for items that will stay in storage. The rental company can then take one container to your new home and the other straight to storage.

If you're renting a storage trailer rather than a container, you can put items going to storage in first. Then put items you're keeping in front. When you arrive at your new home, you can unload the things you're keeping and send the rest off to storage. You won't have to worry about re-packing everything or making a second trip to the storage facility. With some companies, when you do want to get your items out of storage, you can just call the rental company and they'll bring your container (or trailer) to you. 

To learn more about the benefits of renting a storage container, reach out to a company like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental.


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