Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

Live Full Time In Your RV? Tips For Storing It If You Have To Fly

Letitia Lucas

If you live full time in your RV and you often have to fly to destinations, you will need to have a place to store the RV until you get back. Fortunately, you have many options to choose from so you will not have to worry about your RV being in bad condition when you return. Below are two of these options so you can get started planning your trip.

RV Storage

One option you have is putting your RV in a storage facility. In many cases the weekly fee for this type of storage is not expensive. Keeping your RV in an RV storage facility like this is also safe if there are security cameras and they keep the area well-lit at all times.

The drawback of an RV storage park is there is no electrical hook up. This means you will have to remove everything from the refrigerator.

Because your RV will likely be sitting outside give it a good wash and wax. Wax will protect the paint from fading in the sun. Wax also helps keep dirt off the RV so you will not have a hard time cleaning it when you return.

You need to leave the vents open to prevent moisture from building up inside the RV. To do this you need to purchase some vent covers.

RV Park

If you ever stay at an RV park you know how convenient it can be and is a great place to keep your RV. You have electrical hookup so you won't have to worry about removing any food. You can leave everything inside as is so when you pick up your RV you will not have to do anything but get in and drive.  

If the RV park is near water, such as a lake, you should leave your keys with someone. This could be the person that runs or owns the RV park. This is just in case there is some type of natural disaster, such as the lake flooding into the RV park.

Many RV parks have amenities, such as hot tubs, pools, and more. When you get off your flight and arrive at the park your bed will be waiting for you, or you can take a relaxing swim or sit in the hot tub before you go to bed for the night.

Using either of these tips will help prevent you from feeling stressed while flying knowing your RV is safe.


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