Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

How To Choose The Right Storage Unit In A Storage Facility

Letitia Lucas

If you want to store your items in a self-storage facility, you need to choose not only the storage facility but also the specific unit within the facility to use. Here are some of the factors you need to evaluate when choosing a storage unit for your belongings:

The Sizes of Items to Store 

This is one of the first things people consider, and with good reason, because it affects both the number and size of the items you can store. That is why you need to consider both the vertical and horizontal space before renting a storage unit. You don't want to bring your queen bed to a mini storage unit only to realize that that the frames are sticking out of the unit and you can't close the unit's door.

The Sensitivity of the Items

You also need to consider how sensitive and fragile the items you wish to store are. For example, storing items that can easily be damaged by high humidity, moisture or extreme temperatures in a standard storage unit is a bad idea. Standard storage units do not have climate control; for such items (that include things like precision electronics and paintings), you need a storage unit with climate-control features.

The Weight of the Items

The weight of the items determines how easy it is to get them to the door of the storage unit or inside the storage unit. The heavier your items are, the more accessible your storage unit is. You shouldn't have to wield items weighing hundreds of pounds up a flight of stairs to get them into your storage unit. If you need to store such heavy items, get a unit on the ground floor where you can drive right to the door of your unit or even inside it. In fact, if you plan to store an automobile, you are better off choosing a unit that you can drive right into.

The Value of the Items

Lastly, you should also consider the value of the items you wish to store. This will help you choose the best security for your storage unit. Most storage units are relatively safe, typically safer than most homes. However, you need top of the range security features if you are storing valuable items such as artwork, expensive electronics or collector's items. This is where controlled access, CCTV cameras, human guards, guard dogs, and motion or heat activated alarm systems come into play.


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