Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

Car Storage In Alaska: Why Your Classic Vehicle Needs Protection

Letitia Lucas

Alaska is one of the last wild places on Earth. People live in this state, but the way they live is very, very different from life in the lower forty-eight. For example, you could drive your classic car there, and then decide to become a resident. However, your car would need a lot of protection. Car storage in Alaska is a bit of a premium, too. Here is why your car would need protection and where you are most likely to find any sort of storage for it.

Temperatures Unfit for Cars

Cars are not designed to withstand the kinds of bone-chilling temperatures that exist in Alaska. If you lived in the northern half of the lower forty-eight and struggled to get your car started on days when it was ten to twenty degrees below, then you know exactly how this goes.

Now imagine that you take the same car and park it in Fairbanks or Anchorage, Alaska. The average highs in these two cities during the three or four warm months of the year is in the seventies. The record highs are in the nineties, but that is rare. Although your car may not mind the warmer months in this state, it is the colder months that will kill it. The average lows are always below freezing, and there are constantly several days in the eight cold months of an Alaskan winter that are well below zero. Your car's engine block would seize constantly if you left your car out in the open and did not put it in a heated garage.

The Barter System

There is another, slightly less savory reason for storing your vehicle. Theft is not unusual, and what is stolen is often bartered for something else. While the bartering system, for the most part, works well in Alaska, there is the occasional theft resulting in barters for all kinds of items. A classic car left out in the open, on the street, etc., would be considered fair game, and it might take the police some time to track down all the parts so that you can put your vehicle back together. 

Wild Animals

Bears, wolves, wolverines, foxes, mountain lions, and a whole host of other large predators can seriously scratch up and damage a classic car. A car not in storage is something the local wildlife want to explore. You have to store it, or lose it.

Where to Find Storage

You have to find heated storage. Heated car storage in Alaska is likely to be found in the major cities. Look for it in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. 

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