Understanding Storage Concerns

Understanding Storage Concerns

  • Three Ways To Pest Protect Your Boat During Storage

    Storing your boat for more than a couple of weeks requires quite a bit of preparation. One thing you don't want to overlook is the effect pests, including insects and rodents, can have on your boat. Before storing, make sure to do the following three things so that pests can't damage your boat. #1: Fully wash the boat Any exposed surface can suffer from pest damage. This can be especially problematic if you sail in salt water and store it dry, such as at your home.

  • Keeping Your Stored Items Away From Humidity

    If you plan on placing items in a self-storage unit for a rather long duration of time, you are likely to be worried about their safekeeping in your absence. Personal belongings that are exposed to humid conditions can be ruined by moisture content. It is important to take a few steps in preparing your unit for long-term storage so your items do not fall victim to damage from humidity. Here are some tips you can use to accomplish this endeavor.

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Understanding Storage Concerns

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